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EDEL 103 PowerPoint Scoring Rubric: Scoring Guidelines Presentation Graphics Text Sound and/or Motion Internet 2 Must have at least 10 slides but NMT 20. Slides change automatically with enough time to read each slide. Presentation has conceptual and aesthetic coherence. Graphics have been cut and pasted into slide. Graphics may come from multiple sources. Graphics do not violate copyright laws. Graphics may include charts. Each slide should address a key point or message. Text should be comprehensible to English learners. NMT that 25 words per slide. Text must be legible and not obscured by graphics. Sounds accompanying text or graphics. Sounds can be heard from 10 meters away but not deafening. Motion or animation is optional One or more internet links are included. Link is depicted by a word, graphic, or icon. 1 May include vision statement, purpose, or goal. Instructional objectives are not included. Each slide may not change automatically. Slides may not follow a logical order or be conceptually linked. Layout has an artistic background or design,
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Unformatted text preview: usually from a preformatted template. Slides consistently have fewer than 10 words or more than 25. Text is legible from 10 meters away. Text may not be comprehensible to beginning English learners. Sounds are too soft or too loud. Sounds are not consistent with text. No motions of text or graphics. At least one internet link is included. Link is depicted as http address. Presentation score: Graphics score: Text score: Sound-Motion score: Link score: The PowerPoint presentation should serve as an overview of the two-week, 10-lesson unit plan. The slide presentation should not include acronyms or terminology unique to education. The slides need not represent each lesson. The essential question, key concept, or theme should be clear to the students. The audience of the PowerPoint presentation should be the students who will be taught the unit plan. The first slide should include the title and the names of the presenters. A Sapiens, 2/03...
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