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AAS 125 Filipino Experience Fall 2009 Journal Log Entries Keeping a learning log over the course of the session will be an important part of the class. It will allow you to monitor your learning through writing. It will also allow the instructor to provide you with feedback on your understanding of the material. The journal/log entries must be typed, single space, and no 250-500 words. Options for Log Entries 1. Your personal response to the concepts, ideas, films, lectures, discussions, current events, and assigned readings. 2. Questions, concerns, and issues you have regarding the concepts and topics in the class. 3. Requests for clarification of specific ideas or concepts 4. Current issues, news events, and topics concerning this course.
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Unformatted text preview: The journals will be graded according to clarity of argument, composition, grammar, as well as referencing the material you are responding to. Use MLA style. Discussion Questions for Journals and Deadline Schedule Journal 1: Due 9/2/09 What do I know about Filipinos? Journal 2: Due 9/16/09 Reflect on pre-colonial Philippine society and the role of women. Journal 3: Due 9/30/09 Reflect on U.S. view of the Filipino in relations to politics, culture, immigration of the Filipino. Journal 4: Due 10/21/09 Reflect on the American dream and the manongs. Journal 5: Due 11/6/09 Reflect on the future of Filipino culture, power, activism....
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