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Diamonds Paper - Most people have heard of De Beers...

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Most people have heard of De Beers Diamonds, but many do not know what is behind that name. De Beers is active in every category of diamond mining including open-pit, underground, alluvial, coastal and deep sea. De Beers Mines in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Canada. The land that is mined for the diamonds is ultimately destroyed. The workers lives are also greatly affected by the mining process. Diamonds are a luxury that the world takes for granted. The buyers of these diamonds do not know what is behind the small rock they buy for their significant other. Diamonds are mined for in many different ways. De Beers uses all types of mining to maximize the number of diamonds they can sell. They mine all over the world and are only stopped by the different laws of the countries they are in. They do not care about the land or the people that are negatively affected in their mining process. Underground Snap Lake Mine is De Beers first underground diamond mine in Canada. There are two phases to underground mining: development mining and production mining. Development mining, the first stage, is where they make the mineshaft. They take out all the waste rock in order to gain access to the ore body. This is usually done using explosives. In between blasts the workers
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remove any loose rock and gravel and also any slabs of rock hanging from the roof or sidewalls to protect the workers and machinery. The second phase of mining is the production mining. This is where they are actually removing the part of the ore they want to process. Short hole mining is similar to developmental mining except it occurs in the ore. Long hole mining is when the workers drill holes about 50 – 100 ft apart and fill them with explosives. After they are blasted the workers go back in and remove the ore from the mine. Underground mining barely affects the surface of the earth but greatly affects what is beneath us. Alluvial This form of mining involves removing the top layer surface material that covers the diamonds. This is usually anywhere up to 120 feet thick and can include loose sand or even hard conglomerate. After the first layer is removed the workers put up walls and remove the water so they can remove the sand that contain the diamonds. They usually take this product back to a plant to be
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Diamonds Paper - Most people have heard of De Beers...

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