ACCESS Assignments - ACCESS Assignments Lab 1 Creating a...

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ACCESS Assignments[9/23/2009 10:24:38 AM] Lab 1 – Creating a Database Assignments and Required Files PRE-WORK ASSIGNMENT (Chapter Learning Activities): pgs I.1-I.26, AC1.1-AC1.78 - White pages with Blue graphics inside the chapter Required Files/Databases: ac01_resume (document) ac01_Roberta (picture) TURN-IN ASSIGNMENT (Step by Step Exercise): Library Catalog Database (See Turn-in Assignment Instruction Steps below) POST LAB PRACTICE (On your own): Expense Tracking Database (AC1.102) - Yellow pages at the end of the chapter with Red bar Turn-in Assignment Instruction Steps In this assignment below, you will create a new database, create a table, enter, edit and delete table data, modify fields, change column widths, and preview information, and close and open and existing database and table. Follow the directions below to complete the lab. LIBRARY CATALOG DATABASE You are a volunteer at a small county library. The library recently received a large collection of young adult books and would like to keep better track of the titles. The library is still using an antiquated method for cataloging most its books. Because of your computer skills, you have been asked to create a
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ACCESS Assignments - ACCESS Assignments Lab 1 Creating a...

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