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Linguistics/Asia 122: English as a World Language San José State University Spring 2010 Reflective Response Paper on the Video “He Said, She Said” Dear Students, Thank you for your participation in class and thanks in advance for your paper on the film “He Said, She Said.” I will be using the following checklist in evaluating and grading your paper. 1. Whether your paper includes certain phases in accordance with the instruction in the Greensheets: Descriptive Phase Personal/Interpretative Phase Critical/Analytical Phase Creative/Application Phase. 2. Whether your paper is written with clarity and coherence. 3. Whether your analysis includes the following important points (at least 4 of a through f, and in addition, g): a. The distinction Tannen makes about the character of boys’ and girls’ play and what that demonstrates about the use of language to negotiate status and establish connection;
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Unformatted text preview: b. What Tannen means by ‘meta-message’ and by ‘negotiating out’ and ‘negotiating in’ and what that suggests about how communication problems arise between men and women; c. What is meant by ‘troubles talk,’ the distinction between ‘public talk’ and ‘private talk’ and how women’s and men’s uses of language differ in these respects; d. What are examples of ‘ritual opposition’ and how misunderstandings arise when conversational rituals of opposition are not shared. e. How the perspectives of status and connection play roles in interpreting the behavior of our opposite sex partners. f. Factors affecting conversational style in addition to gender; g. Whether you can relate any of the above points to your own experiences. 4. Whether your paper has enough content (pages 2-3) as stated in the Greensheets. With best regards, Thom...
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