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Dr. Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland 3/16/10 BIOLOGY/PSYCHOLOGY 129: NEUROSCIENCE Tentative Study Guide: II San Jose State University Midterm II will test your knowledge on concepts discussed or covered in text since Midterm I. Your focus should be on the chapters discussed in class (The end of chapter 5, chapters 6,7 and select reading from chapter 15), and lecture notes. Midterm II is scheduled for Thursday 3/25. Best of luck. 1. Name the lobes of the brain, indicate where they are located and discuss their functions. 2. Describe the major subdivisions (“segments”) of the forebrain? List major structures found in each and give their functions. 3. Describe how the major divisions of the brain arise from the neural tube (i.e., the 3- and 5-segmented brain) (Keep this one on hold. We might not get to it.) 4. Where in brain is the reinforcement center and what does it do? 5. Describe the pharmacologic actions of specific agonists and antagonists for Ach and the monoamines. What behavioral actions do they produce? 6.
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129studyguideIIsp10 - Dr. Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland...

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