Bus173-Midterm#1Fall09 - d0& c50: tr9r tr41 tr90r tr80r...

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d0& tr90r tr80r tr70) tr601 c50: tr40r c30: tr20) trl0r tr9r E8r c7- c6r E5r tr41 E3r tr2) tr1r r0r PART 1 I (r) (F) co/ot E21 1.A= r€n 2 .A- trBr 3.A. trBr 4.A. cBr 5 atr- trB: 6#cB: 7*trBr 8.A= r€- 9 cAt trBr 10 trAr cBr KEY .3. trsr trCr rDr trE: cf,r rP: trEr ECr A- trEr {r cp: rEr trCr cDr cEr trCr trDr trEl trCr trDr cEr rC: .Dr =Er .Q4 cDr -Er cQ: gr EEr r iil x gtr > ^> x < +O n - ! Em - 2 t 63 1 = m< x - >;3- fr>! ttr omx! la- j= .g! oE _o< oo- *l: ed ! *[ ;g =E C TP = lo diH I i q >E o: am Y o ri ;g P= o< m E 9. 6 11 trAr 12 trAr 13 trAr 14 trAr 15 cAr 16 EAr 17 trAr 18 rAr 19 trAr 20 cAr .Cr trDr trEl trCr trDr cEl cCr trDr cEr trCr trDr rEr cCr trDr EEr trC. trDr trEr cCr EDr trEr trCr .Dr .Er trCr trDr cEl .Cr trDr trEl ECr trDr trEr trC: trDr trEr rCr trDr trEr cCr trD: .Er cCr trDr rEr trCr .Dr cEr r:Qr trDr trEr trCr trDr EEr trCr cDr trEr cCr trDr :Er trBr .Br cBr trBr trBl cBr trBr cBr trBr trBr l- t_ t- il- |-n D- .J I- 6 e- I- rn o- ! o- = t- l_ l_ n 21 trA: cBr 22 trAr rBr 23 trAr trBr 24.A- trBl 25 trAr trBr 26 cA: cBr 27 .A- trB! 28 cAr .Br 29 trAr trBr 30 rA. trBr 31 cAr 32 trAr 33 trAr 34 trAr 35 cAr 36 trAl 37 trA: 38 trAr 39.A' 40 .A= trBr trCr cBr trCr trBr ECr cBr trCr cBr cCr trBr cCr trBr trC: trBr cCr trBr trCl trBr trCr t:\ o>l lll <z I I $-- / )-l lo/ '=l a ida ;:tr ;Qc i3I trAr trBr trCr cAr trBr cCl trAr trBr trC: cAr trBr cC: trAr trBr trCr cAr trBr trCl trAr trBr trCr trAr trBr trC: cAr trBr cCr trAr trBr cC: trDr trEl trD: !Er cD: cEr trDr trEr trDr cE: =Dr trEr cDr trEl trDr trEr trDr trEr cDr trEr 5Dr trEr .Dr trEr rDr trEr trDr trEr trDr trEr trDr trEl trDr rEr cDr cEr EDr trEr cDr cEr = I 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 r N \$ a -5 i3 t: IrN Le t€ l{rl Fff r,11 O-! :ro im Yn o*o :J- u)r 6m 3
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I. N{uldiple Choice Questions ( 5 points each) 1 . A corporation has beeri trying to decjde if it should continue u'ith a proiect. An arsument in favor of continuing is tl-rat a lot of monev iras aireaci-r'been spent on tire project. \\/hat is the major problem with this argument? a.
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Bus173-Midterm#1Fall09 - d0&amp; c50: tr9r tr41 tr90r tr80r...

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