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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK ScWk 214: HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT II (Section 2, Course Code: 21609) Semester: Spring, 2008 Office: WSH 215E Class meeting time: 1:30-4:15 Office Hours: T/Th 9:30 to noon Classroom: BBC 126 Other: By Appointment Email: [email protected] Phone: (408) 924-5836 (+24-hr voice mail) CATALOG DESCRIPTION Systems theory and the ecological model presented with transcultural perspectives. Emphasizes behavior in groups, communities and organizations with a focus on Latinos, African-Americans, Asian-Americans and other diverse and oppressed populations. Three units. Prerequisite: ScWk 212 COURSE DESCRIPTION ScWk 214 is the second of two foundation courses in Human Behavior in the Social Environment (HBSE). The primary theoretical foundations utilized are systems theory and the ecological model, which view human behavior as an outcome of biological, psychological, familial factors in transaction with social, economic, political and cultural contexts and forces. In ScWk 214, a special focus is given to transcultural perspectives within the contexts of mezzo and macro social work including families, small primary groups and communities in relation to the environment. In this context, students learn about theories relevant to groups, organizations, institutions, and communities. Special attention is given to marginalized and oppressed groups, and populations-at-risk (i.e., populations of color, women, gay men, lesbian women, and bisexual and transgender populations, children, youth, the elderly, and people with disabilities). Moreover, ethics, values, and commitment implicit in the application of these knowledge areas in social work practice are considered. This course provides a theoretical linkage to practice content offered in ScWk 221, Transculturalist Generalist Practice II. Prerequisites: ScWk 212. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of SCWK 214 the social work student will: 1. Understand the two primary theoretical frameworks utilized in this course, systems theory and the ecological perspective, and how these apply to interactions involving groups, organizations and communities. Program Objectives: M 2.1 (Theoretical frameworks) M 2.4 (Generalist perspective) 2. Demonstrate knowledge of other theories related to mezzo and macro systems, including theories related to groups, organizations, communities and social movements. Program Objectives: M 2.1 (Theory) M 2.4 (Generalist perspective) 1
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3. Apply a systems, ecological, and transcultural perspective to analyze the background, functioning, and opportunities for improving effectiveness of a group, organization, or community. Program Objectives: M. 2.1 (Transcultural perspective) M 2.1 (Theory) M 3.4 (Social service organizations/systems) 4. Understand concepts related to social justice, social movements, and frameworks for facilitating change to redress dynamics of discrimination, oppression, and economic deprivation. Program Objectives: M 2.1 (Social Justice/Power, Privilege and Oppression)
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ScWk214_Spring08_xSec2_Tuesdayx - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY...

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