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Dr. Byrd Comm110-01 9/23/08 Assignment 2 Analysis of a TV show: Seinfeld 1. Bibliographical Information A. Cherones, Tom (Director). 1994, February 10. Seinfeld [The Marine Biologist].” Los Angeles, CA: NBC. 2. The television show, “Seinfeld”, is a hilarious sitcom based on the everyday life of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The specific episode I wish to write about was the 14 th episode of the 5 th season referred to as “The Marine Biologist”. The episode first aired on February 10, 1994 on NBC. The show was filmed in 1993 when they filmed all the episodes for the entire season. The show takes place in Manhattan, New York, and much of the storyline takes place in Jerry’s apartment as he communicates with his friends who come over on a regular day basis. The show generally follows Jerry and his three best friends, George, Elaine, and Kramer, as they go about living their regular lives and daily activities with unfortunate mishaps and interpersonal relations. 3. The main character of “Seinfeld” is Jerry Seinfeld himself. Jerry is a comedian who performs at various comedy clubs and shows. Jerry is in his mid 30s and is considered to be the “funny guy” of the group. He is constantly including his personal jokes and bids throughout the show. Often times, his comments can be interpreted as humorous jokes. George Costanza is Jerry’s long time friend from high school. George is also in his mid 30s, and he has stopped working as a real estate agent George is currently unemployed, living with his parents, and he spends most of his time with Jerry discussing various topics. Elaine Bennes is also among Jerry’s list of best friends. She and Jerry had dated in the past, but it is made clear that the two of them are strictly friends. Elaine works as an editor for Pendum Publishing Company. Cosmo Kramer, is Jerry’s friend and neighbor from across the hall. Kramer has no occupation; in fact, he is always mooching off Jerry. Kramer is a very unusual fellow who can be outrageous, funny, opinionated, spontaneous, blunt, and bizarre. He enjoys acting, and by all means, he is a real character. 4. The plot
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2 jerry - Dr. Byrd Comm110-01 9/23/08 Assignment 2 Analysis...

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