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2A accessible syllabus FINAL

2A accessible syllabus FINAL - San Jos State University...

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San José State University Humanities Department Humanities 2A Honors, Modern Era, Seminar section 22, Fall, 2009 Instructor: Cynthia Rostankowski Office Location: Clark Hall 441 Telephone: (408) 924-4508 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00-4:30, Wednesdays 10:00-12:00, and by appointment Class Days/Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-10:15 (lecture) and 10:30-11:45 (seminar) Classroom: Sweeney Hall 238 Prerequisites: Permission of Humanities Honors Coordinator GE/SJSU Studies Category: Over the four semesters of the course, the Humanities Honors Program satisfies areas: A1 (Oral Communication), A2 (Written Communication 1A), A3 (Critical Thinking), C1 (Arts), C2 (Letters), C3 (Written Communication 1B), D2 (Comparative Systems), D3 (Social Issues), F1-2 ( U.S. History and Constitution), and F3 (California Government) California State Government Contact Information www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html Faculty Web Page and MYSJSU Messaging Copies of the course syllabus and major assignment sheets may be found on my faculty web page at http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty_and_staff/faculty_detail.jsp?id=2910 accessible through the quick links/faculty web page links on the SJSU home page after the first week of classes. You are also responsible for regularly checking with the new messaging system through MySJSU. This will be used for updates, etc. I encourage you to check your MySJSU site at least once a week. Course Description Humanities 2A offers an integrated, interdisciplinary introduction to ideas, events and arts of Western and world culture that have influenced people and led to the creation of Humanities Honors, 2A, The Modern Era, Fall, 2009
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modernism and contemporary globalism. We look at the development of Western culture from a variety of perspectives. Our aim is to develop an understanding of the significant values, institutions and attitudes that have contributed to producing the complex global culture we share today. During 2A, we consider the Post-Reformation transformations of Europe, as well as the extension of new concepts of liberty and reform alongside practices of colonial oppression and exploitation. The rise of the middle and working classes as a reaction against the aristocracy, and intellectual changes spawned by mathematical rationalism and scientific empiricism in its many contexts direct the new ideas of politics and economics. Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives This course will aim to accomplish the following: Each student will have the opportunity to consider some of the significant ideas and other creations of humankind. Students will be able to become familiar with the milieu that yielded these important works. Students will be able to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of women and diverse cultural and religious groups in the movement of civilizations. Also, an aesthetic and poetic awareness regarding the many means of communication will be cultivated. Students will be encouraged to express their understanding, experiences and views in not
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2A accessible syllabus FINAL - San Jos State University...

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