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chem100ws10min - Chem 100W Spring 2010 Dr Brooke Lustig...

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Chem 100W Spring 2010 Dr. Brooke Lustig Assignment: Minor Paper includes a Future Studies section for work you propose doing (and never has been actually implemented ). I. Minor Paper (consistent with Major Paper topic) A. Research inquiry, five thru nine double spaced pages (default Word margins and associated settings as well as 12-type font or equivalent), excluding title page, references, figures and tables as well as any figure legends and table annotations B. General form (in order and with corresponding headings, with page numbers except for any Figures and Tables) 1. "Background" portion (do not use word Background as any sort of Heading and see Part IA. for page and other restrictions) a. Title page (include title, name, affiliation and date) b. Abstract (just one paragraph) c. Introduction (at least 4 pages) d. References (at least ten research articles annotated as noted in Point 11 of Review Paper Handout and minimum of two review articles) e. Figure Legends (only if there are Figures) f. Figures and Tables (optional) 2.
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