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Writing Assignment 6: Environment, Resources, and Pollution (optional in 2010, replaces lowest paper) Due during final. No late papers accepted. Environment, Resources, and Pollution: 1) List and briefly discuss the resources and services you rely on daily. Where do the resources come from? Have they become more expensive in the last decade, and if so, why? 2) Select a non-renewable resource that you consume (oil, natural gas, coal) and discuss the effects of increasing demand on prices. (Research the web for information on this pattern.) 3) Discuss environmental impacts of resource extraction for a renewable resource (water, trees, fish, etc.) and some consequences of its diminished availability (depletion). Consequences may be direct or indirect,
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Unformatted text preview: environmental and non-environmental, local, regional, or global. 4) Calculate your carbon footprint using a web application. Compare your consumption with MDC, LDC, and global averages. Review 4 to 5 long term costs of global warming. Briefly discuss options for reducing carbon footprints (You may select your footprint, the businesses you rely on, and / or the industries you rely on.) Renewable resources: fresh water, trees, fish, air, grasslands, hydro-power, etc. Non-renewable resources: oil, coal, natural gas. Carbon footprint calculator: Search using the keywords: carbon footprint calculator, and choose one. Remember to cite all sources, including the carbon footprint calculator, use references, and use good English....
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