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Astro Project 3 - The XMM satellite is not invincible...

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Astronomy 101 March 11, 2009 The XMM Satellite is currently being used for various different purposes by over 2000 scientists. Using data from the XMM satellites, scientists have been able to model the spin of a black hole. Most recently the XMM satellite was used to discover what is known as a “celestial zombie,” or a Magnetar, the core of a star that has exploded and collapsed upon itself. With the XMM satellite, we've been able to test some of the steps that we believe a star goes through in order to become a magnetar. The satellite has also helped scientists detect the strong oscillations of the x-rays being emitted by a galaxy (this is what the picture is).
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Unformatted text preview: The XMM satellite is not invincible however, it has been up for almost 10 years now and is starting to go somewhat on the fritz. Back in October 2008, Communication with the satellite was lost. Fortunately for the scientific community, engineers managed to reestablish a link with the satellite a day later. This was considered a warning however, for the engineers, that the satellite is starting to age, the loss in communication was due to an RF (Radio Frequency) switch on the satellite. The current operators of the satellite however, hope that this was just a fluke and say that the satellite will keep running strong...
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