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N137 Process Class Group Dynamics In-Class Activity #1 (10 points) Friday February 13, 2009 This is a 30 minute exercise to help you to begin to think about your final project with other students in your community health clinical rotation. Have fun brainstorming about possibilities and what you might need. There is no wrong answer!!!! Directions: Meet with the other students of your community clinical. If fellow students from your clinical are in other N137 sections, then complete this assignment independently. Designate a note-taker, or “scribe” for your group to write down the group discussion.
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Unformatted text preview: If you are working alone, you are the scribe for your ideas!! Discuss and answer the following: 1. Brainstorm about possible ideas/topics/areas of focus for your final project for this class. List all possibilities. (10 minutes) 2. From your list of possibilities, choose up to three. Circle them above. (5 minutes) 3. Begin to discuss what the project might look like, identifying what resources you might need and what data you would need to implement the project. (15 minutes)...
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