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Chem 100W Spring 2010 Dr. Brooke Lustig Assignment: Poster Presentation 1. In preparation for Poster, the relevant Figure Legends as well as the annotation text (Remember: No Table Legends but instead Table annotations) and organization of any Tables will be required on Apr. 8 . Note: Poster Figure Legends and Table annotations are in Word, while Table layouts can be, just for this assignment, initial draft hand sketches. 2. You will prepare a poster presentation of more than one sub-topic of your review article. The poster will be prepared as a standard paper presentation at a professional meeting. The single sheet printout should be 36 X 48 inches OR the individual panel option should have comparable set of individual panels (typically 8 and 1/2 X 11 inches) on high-quality paper. Note the following before considering the single sheet option and that includes contacting Steve Boring: a. The single-sheet specifically for this Poster Session should have a light background. b. The text panels (hard copy required) and actual .ppt file for this must be pre-approved
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