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Humanities 1B–Semester Plan-Spring 2009 Table 1 Seminar Sections Professor Location David Mesher (13) BBC 203 Annapurna Pandey (15) DMH 149B Cynthia Rostankowski (12) SH 238 Sue Scaff (11) CL 308 LouAnn Trost (14) SH 241 Table 12 Course Schedule Lect Day Date Lecture Topics and Reading Assignments 1. R 22 Jan. DM Mediterranean Religions at the Start of the Common Era Read: The Bible : Matthew, Chapters. 1-2, 5-7; Luke (entire); John, Chapter 1: 1-18; Acts, Chapters 1-3; 15-16 2. T 27 Jan. DM Christianity in Mediterranean Cultures Read: The Bible : Romans, Chapters 1-9; I Corinthians, Chapters 1-14; Humanities 1B Reader : Pliny the Younger’s “Letter to Emperor Trajan regarding the Christians,” and Trajan’s response Seminar/Composition: Sentence Punctuation Patterns ( The Writer’s FAQs [FAQ]: Sec. 18) 3. R 29 Jan. CR St. Augustine: African, Roman, Christian Read: Norton Anthology of World Literature , Volume B: Augustine, Confessions , pages 1221-49; Philosophic Classics : Augustine, Confessions , pages Seminar/Critical Thinking: The Nature of Fallacies ( Thinking Socratically : pages 232-234) 4. T 3 Feb. CR Images of East and West: Early Christian & Byzantine Art Read: Visual Arts : pages 288-320 Seminar/Critical Thinking: Fallacies of Irrelevance ( Thinking Socratically pages 234-241) 5. R 5 Feb. Guest LS Cultural and Political Transformations: Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages Read: Humanities 1B Reader : Pliny the Younger, Speech in Praise of Trajan (excerpts); Jerome, Letters ; Augustine, De Doctrina Christiana (excerpts) Justinian, Digest and Institutes (excerpts); Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy (excerpts); Philosophic Classics : Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy , pages 294-299. Seminar/Composition: Commas ( Writer’s FAQ : Section 19) 6. T 10 Feb. Early Medieval Societies and Institutions
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LAT Read: Norton Anthology of World Literature , Volume B: Beowulf , pages 1626-55 7. R 12 Feb. SS
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Hum1Bsyll2009_rev_1-1 - Humanities 1BSemester Plan-Spring...

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