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CEE 122 Traffic Engineering Spring 2010 Homework #8 - Group Assignment Due: __________________ For this group assignment, students are to work and turn in homework paper in groups, where each group consists of no more than 6 students. Only one homework paper is required for each group. In this homework, students are to research for regional commute delay data and application. 1. Locate the press release in May, 2009 regarding Bay Area freeway traffic in the URL
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Unformatted text preview: http://www.mtc.ca.gov/news/press_releases/index.htm , then find and attach a copy of Bay Area Freeway Locations with Most Delay During Commute Hours . 2. Describe your own driving experience of the Bay Area freeways. Do you agree with the list of top 10 congested freeway locations or the top 50 locations? 3. Discuss the importance of this annual delay study....
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