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Research Paper Guidelines Some suggestions of things to cover in the paper would be: The development of the topic – what is the current situation, how has it changed, in which direction are we heading? What are the criminological implications and the implications for society at large? What has been proposed or attempted to address situations? What are the possible impacts, both positive and negative, of varying approaches? Is there consensus opinion among researchers / politicians / general population about the subject? Your chosen topic and interest will help guide the content of the paper, but I encourage you to speak with me as you are forming the idea or if you need some assistance. Length and format: 4 pages minimum, 8 pages maximum (include page numbers) with one inch margins, double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font. Please have it stapled when you turn it in. DO NOT put a header/footer with your name in the text. If you’d like to save a tree, you can print 2-sided, but do the title page as a separate sheet. Title Page:
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ResearchGuidelines - Research Paper Guidelines Some...

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