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Separate but “Equal” Alexis De Tocqueville likes the way early America was run. What man wouldn’t? Women were expected to partake in hard labor, yet still defer to their head of house. The kids were taken care of and dinner was ready in a timely fashion. Best of all, women were equal to men (and really, who doesn’t love equality?); so long as they didn’t step off their “separate pathway”. I think that Tocqueville and his notions of equality are ridiculous. Women were in no way equal to men, and I don’t understand how anyone could see them as such. They were not
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Unformatted text preview: allowed to participate in business and politics, and were expected to keep their thoughts to themselves in order to stay as demure as possible. I am appalled at Tocqueville’s preference for women in America because the women of his country (France) seemed to be able to control men, and the world would surely come to an end if women were in charge! Reading things like this makes me glad that I live in America today where, though still not entirely equal to men, I still have my rights and am allowed to stand up for them, no matter how much it angers the closest male....
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