Essay 6 Prompt - Essay #6: Argumentative Research Paper...

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M. Hager, ENGL 1B, Spring 2010 Essay #6: Argumentative Research Paper Rough Draft Due (Workshop): Thursday, April 15 th Final Draft Due: Tuesday, May 11 th Introduction: ―When you write an argument, you attempt to convince a reader to agree with you on a topic open to debate. You support your position, proposal, or interpretations with evidence, reasons, and examples – factual, logical data, not opinions‖ (Troyka 147). ―Research writing involves three steps: conducting research, understanding and evaluating the results of your research, and writing the research paper with accurate documentation. [. . .] First, you can choose a topic on which intelligent people have differing opinions. Next, you analyze your sources to decide which position appears most reasonable. Your paper would then take the form of an argument that shows readers you have considered the various positions and chosen a reasonable one‖ (Troyka 484-5). Assignment: This assignment is an argumentative research paper—this means that you will write an argumentative paper that is informed by scholarly research. After choosing a general topic from the provided list, you
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Essay 6 Prompt - Essay #6: Argumentative Research Paper...

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