His15A-QuizCh12&13 - PART o 1 ao ol I! !^ OOO c90: .80' qJr...

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OOO c90: .80' qJr c60' .50: s40: c30: c20: 110r .9t c8: c7t t6: t5: c4t c3. c2= t1: ;0r PART 1 I e d$ F D ats x 2 :tD ^ - t =E z 2 m< x - >!1- ir>= 412 Emx: -a <^ j= "I I o ao ol I! a> !^ ;o 3N z-r o I ; I a 3ep i6; o9P ZiZE Iv< -< f, !TgP E.e a rm r-66 a ^ 6 - - @v Y rEE Sfi --s] i;g tI :r6s 5rA gE o: =m lles 9; ;9 . -=. :: < -olts o< m r <o 'l';e E a 92 t @ KEY .5: *r rE: trDr .E. cD: cE: .D: .Et trD: .Er cDr .Er cDr rEr Ida trr =(n- 5sF -B: 5r <m eo Un fc] =m I Jr do 4z 2= o l'x f 11 .A. '|.2.A. 13 r# 14.A. 15 cA: 16 cAr 17 .A- 18* 19 cAr 2O cA- 21 .A. {r 22 .A= * 23 cA: rll 24.A=.8: 25 cA. cB- 26 cA: rBr 27 .A. .B. 28 cA:.B. 29 cA: cB: 30 .A. cB: 31 trAr 32 trA: 33.A' 34 .A. 35 trA: 36 cAr 37 .A' 38.A= 39 .A. 40 .A' 41 cA. 42 trAr 43 cA. 44 cA: 45 cA: 46 trAr 47 cA: 48 cA: 49.A. $Q r:{r I 8 .A' 9# - cD: -E: r}.Dt.E: .C: .D: .E. + cD: cEr {:.Jl= cE: 'gi (g) 'e' =- I . Onl), Soron. Gcnuinc Form m frr-l y onpatible with tlre Sqmn Tixt Soring Machine ud mrcd by Sotmn! 100% gll.futeofffiebility. . P.rdted *ay ftaoa allm tachers to ombine objuiw ad subjctive soc.
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Quiz on rlavery 6- -an! lgiF C."t,"y North OUT OF MANY, Chap. *Out of Many: Chap.12 "Industry and the North, 1790s- 1840s" & 13 "Meeting the New Challenges of the New Age: Immigration, Urbanization, Social Reform, 1820s-1850s" Slavery Quiz Questions f ) Am"utr American house slaves in the South a) Were disliked among slaves for their genuine geniality toward whites b) Had to sacrifice their own families to care for the masters c) Were commonly the last slaves to deserl the masters during the Civil War d) Were more in control
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His15A-QuizCh12&13 - PART o 1 ao ol I! !^ OOO c90: .80' qJr...

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