Outline 1--Intro-Life in 1500

Outline 1--Intro-Life in 1500 - Usually tied to some larger...

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Europe in 1500 Geography and Demography o Approximately 4 million square miles and (today) 35 countries o East/West cultural dimension: o North/south climatic dimension: o Population in 1500: c. 75 million (current population: 725 million) o In the midst of a recovery due to crises of the late middle ages (14th century) The “little ice age” (c. 1315) The black death (1347) The hundred years war (1337-1453) The Babylonian Captivity (1309-1378) The great Schism (1378-1415) Wide-spread popular revolts o Disease and Famine Urban Population o Less than 5 percent of the population o Largest cities: o Middle-sized cities: o Provincial cities: o Market towns: Urban political structures o Highly stratified o Status determined by wealth (occupation) and blood o Extreme disparities in the distribution of wealth o Magnified importance of urban centers: o Politics controlled by urban elite:
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Unformatted text preview: Usually tied to some larger central government but often fiercely independent Larger Central Political institutions: Centralizing monarchies Territorial conglomerations Rural Conditions: life on the Manor o Religious focus of manor life o Sundays and social life o Housing o Diet o Communal life o worklife The lord of the manor o Immense wealth and power o Political authority o Key to wealth and power - control of land o Key to maintenance of structure - Paternalism 16th century belief systems o God centered universe o Rigidly and hierarchically ordered o the great chain of being o Subdivisions of the Chain: o Order versus disorder o Chain versus ladder o Paternalism and deference The Great Chain of Being: ideal versus reality...
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Outline 1--Intro-Life in 1500 - Usually tied to some larger...

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