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EDSC 173 -- Sample Small Group Activity Outline Teacher candidates will be able to Identify negative school and/or social experiences adolescents may experience as a result of coming from a low socioeconomic status (SES) Pinpoint specific ways adolescents of low social status may experience biases in assessment Detail specific strategies educators can implement to reduce biases toward students of low SES and create more equitable learning environments for all students 1) Introduction (5 min) Mini-lecture on different ways students may be negatively or positively influenced by their social class in home, school, or community environments 2) Role Play – Skit (5min) All three group members perform a brief skit to portray possible school
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Unformatted text preview: experiences of students from different social classes and social statuses. 3) Scenes from the PBS video People Like Us (5 min) • A selection of two or three short scenes from the video that clearly reveal how social class and social status affect high school students. 4) Final Summary/Application (5 min) • Being Fair in Assessing Students as a Teacher Watch your language Treat students equitably Critically reflect on how you perceive/interact with students Bring classism out of the closet (talk about it and bring awareness) Strategies to reduce biases in assessment Additional strategies (audience participation)...
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