final paper - Dorabji Final Paper 5/16/07 America: Home of...

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Dorabji Final Paper 5/16/07 America: Home of the Elites Since the time America was founded, people all over the world felt that it would be the most promising country. Immigrants traveled to the country as an escape from their homeland at an attempt to find a better life. The new found land was considered to be a haven that offered freedom and prosperity to everyone. It was incredibly vital that America establishes a government with the underlying principle democracy. Looking back at the time the Constitution was written, 1776, most Americans defined democracy as “government by the people.” According to Robert L. Lineberry, “Democracy can be defined as a means of selecting policymakers and of organizing government so that policy represents and responds to the people’s preferences.” Traditionally, the democratic theory is based on several principles of how our government makes its decisions: equality in voting, effective participation, enlightened understanding, citizen control of the agenda, and inclusion. In a democratic America, the main concern which evolves is about who has power and influence, that is, do the people in fact govern? Lineberry has three contemporary theories of American democracy. The pluralist theory is the belief that group competition will reflect public interest. The elite and class theory states that our society is split into class divisions, whereas the upper class is the dominant rule. The hyper pluralism theory is that the government becomes inefficient because of too many influential groups. Furthermore, politics determines whom we select as our governmental leaders and what
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final paper - Dorabji Final Paper 5/16/07 America: Home of...

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