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Study guide_Midterm 3 III

Study guide_Midterm 3 III - BUS 129A Study Guide for...

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BUS 129A Study Guide for Mid-term III Chapter 14 Accounts Payables 1. Understand the audit objectives addressed by the audit procedures related to Accounts Payable and other liabilities. 2. Understand the difference between confirmations on accounts receivables and on accounts payables. Chapter 16 Completing the audit 1. What types of procedures are necessary to complete the audit? 2. What is subsequent event and what are the auditors’ responsibilities? 3. Understand evaluating audit findings. 4. Understand post Audit responsibilities Chapter 3 Ethics 1. Be familiar with Article IV of Principles 2. Identify the circumstances in which independence is impaired (Rule 101). Chapter 4 Legal Liability 1. Understand CPA common law liability and the exceptions. 2. Understand CPA statute liability (33 and 34 Securities Act).
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Practice Question Set for Mid-term III 1. Which of the following audit procedures is aimed most directly at testing the completeness assertion for accounts payable? A. Footing the list of accounts payable. B. Examining underlying documentation for cash disbursements in the period after year-end. C. Tracing shipping reports issued on or before year-end to related customer purchase orders and invoices. D. Tracing shipping reports after year-end to related customer purchase orders and invoices.
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