Converting Movies To Psp Format

Converting Movies To Psp Format - After DVD ripper has...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Converting Movies To Psp Format. Hey again, this is a real quick guide for anyone interested to get a movie onto there PSP without all the fluff i have seen elsew h Movie - approx 40 minutes - dvd Saved to hard drive - 2.6GIG - using DVD Decryptor (free program) try google Transfered to avi format - 377MB- using Super DVD Ripper (9 FREE trial uses) then you must buy Transfered to MP4 - 37MB - using the (basically free) Image convertor 2 Average movie breakdown - using above as a guide only. so im guessing the average movie may be 4.5gig for example saved to 800MB CONVERTED TO 70-80MB Ok use DVD decryptor to save the movie to your hard drive eg. C:\africa (it will save it for you as described) When completed find the folder c:\africa on your computer and find the vob file in that folder - generally the largest one and rig h Once you have located the vob file you want to transfer open DVD Ripper and go to wizard icon. There you will see an icon of V (there are also other opions ie
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Unformatted text preview: After DVD ripper has transferred the file it will save it to the same folder as the original move was in eg: c:\africa\viteots. Open Make sure you PSP is on and in usb mode then Open Image convertor 2 and press on movie / add to list. For this example i c *****Note**** i only converted one VOB file as thatS all there was for this particular movie. If you have more then one vob file y o QUOTE Image Converter 2.1 JAP translated to ENG. Sheet1 Page 2 frica the Serengeti on my PSP and heres is the lowdown. your dvd program to see what part it is. If its the correct movi lick it and then it will ask to locate the file. Locate the file and c dvd to avi etc) I have only used the vob to avi for this test. w see an AVI icon containing the movie. nd the folder Africa and opened it and there was my converted dvd to avi when you rip. This is just a guide i worked out to co...
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Converting Movies To Psp Format - After DVD ripper has...

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