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chem100ws10grnshtlstpg2qaprnt - Spring 10 SCHEDULE FOR CHEM...

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Spring 10 SCHEDULE FOR CHEM 100W Bold means mandatory attendance/participation (this means instructor gives prior approval for absence or documentation otherwise provided; remember your attendance is still expected at all sessions) and italics indicates assignment that is due ( if before or at beginning of class should be specifically noted ). Link is: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/brooke.lustig/courses/chem100w01/ Number Date Day Topic Suppl. Reading 1 1/26 Tue Introduction, Greensheet, Discuss Newspaper Critique, Request To Be Admitted due 2 1/28 Thr Writing Workshop for Newspaper Critique, WST Documentation due at 0830 & Newsp. Critiq. due 3 2/02 Tue Lecture : Research vs. review papers Chap1/1/2* 4 2/04 Thr Assignment topics: Outline and 2 Review Articles due 5 2/09 Tue Open Lab 6 2/11 Thr Lecture: Figures and Tables Chap3/9/15 7 2/16 Tue Special Lecture: Resume & Cover Letter ; Resume Tutorial # (see below) due before 0830, Draft Resume due 8 2/18 Thr Special Lecture: Databases 9 2/23 Tue Writing Workshop, Online
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