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       California Board of Recreation and Park Certification Established in 1954 P.O. Box 900489 Palmdale CA. 93590-0489 (661) 538-1332 Fax: 661 274-8600 Email: [email protected] Chair : Dodie Mosby, MS, RC Administrative Assistant : Polly Schuster, MS, RTC, RC, CTRS CBRPC Application for RTC Recreation Therapist Certified
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California Board of Recreation and Park Certification GOAL OF CERTIFICATION The basic purpose of the Board’s certification program is to assure the general public and employing agency of the competence of recreation and park professionals by certifying that they meet the prescribed standards. The Recreation Therapist Certificate is designed to certify that an individual is qualified by education and experience to conduct and administer therapeutic recreation services. REQUIREMENTS 1. Baccalaureate or Graduate Degree in Therapeutic Recreation or in Recreation with option or specialization in Therapeutic Recreation. NOTE : an option in therapeutic recreation is defined as a course of study including not less than the requirements listed in items 2, 3, and 4. 2. Therapeutic Recreation Course Work: Completion of a minimum of nine (9) semester units or twelve (12) quarter units of therapeutic recreation content course work. The course work must include at least: Three- (3) therapeutic recreation content courses consisting of a minimum of three (3) semester units or three- (3) quarter units per course. Appropriate courses include, but are not limited to: a. Recreation for Special populations b. Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation c. Foundation of Therapeutic Recreation Services d. Therapeutic Recreation Procedures and Recreation Therapy The course content must include a significant theory as opposed to an activity component. The course title must include the words, “Therapeutic Recreation,” or specific reference to recreation for one or more special populations. The course objective must directly reflect some combination of Therapeutic Recreation Professional Emphasis Standards established by the Council on Accreditation of the National Recreation and Park Association (NARP). This is in cooperation with the American Association for Leisure and Recreation (AALR) and published Standards and Evaluative Criteria for Recreation, Park Resources and Leisure Services Baccalaureate Curricula. It is not expected that one course would reflect all 24 standards. If there’s a question about the content of a course being submitted as a therapeutic recreation content course, the Committee reviewing the application and or the Board may require the applicant to submit a course outline to complete the review process. 3.
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RTC_Application - Established in 1954 P.O Box 900489...

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