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Geog 182 Spring 2008 Lab 3b: Knowledge-based Classification continued. As always, write a Word document with embedded images to describe intermediate and final results for this lab, as well as descriptions of the processes used. You will expand on the process you started in lab 3a, adding hypotheses and creating an output classification that includes five or more classes, using several sources of data. You will first need to create an NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) image. This is a per-pixel calculation of (band4 – band 3) / band 4 + band 3). In the main ERDAS window, click on the big Interpreter button, and select Spectral Enhancement . Within this, select Indices… In the Indices dialog, select bayarea01.img as the input file, and type bayarea01_ndvi as the output file (hitting Enter automatically appends the .img suffix). The Select Function choice should be NDVI. Leave all other fields with their default values. Click OK. When done, you may close the windows you used for creating this file. Open the resulting image in a viewer. The histogram for this is shown below. Note that values are now
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geog182_lab3b - Geog 182 Spring 2008 Lab 3b:...

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