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Culture Concepts-Methods, F09 p.1 CULTURE: Key Concepts & Methods F’09 CULTURE: WHAT HUMANS COLLECTIVELY CREATE; THE SHARED MEANINGS HUMANS BESTOW ON THINGS IN THE WORLD PRODUCTS OF CULTURE: MATERIAL: tangible things BEHAVIORAL-SOCIAL PRODUCTS: Social Groups & Linked Social Roles: economic, political, social, religious Patterned Behavior MENTAL PRODUCTS CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE CONCEPTUAL SYSTEMS: culturally shared meanings KEY CONCEPTS [reflected in language, in labels] KEY CATEGORIES: things, people, institutions, natural world, social world, conceptual BELIEF SYSTEMS AND FOLK THEORIES VALUES AND GOALS COGNITIVE FRAMEWORKS FOR INTERPRETATION AND ACTION Schema: stored cognitive structures Cultural Schema: Culturally shared scripts, plans, strategies, routines, associations, etc. Cultural Models: broader interpretative frameworks e.g. of Marriage, Family, Romance, Sex, Schooling, Gender PROPERTIES OF CULTURE UNIVERSAL, LEARNED, SHARED, PERVASIVE, DYNAMIC, SYMBOLIC, PSYCHOLOGICALLY REAL, INTEGRATED [i.e. a system of interrelated parts or products] SHARED: By a group of people [vs. idiosyncratic]; patterned; includes rules and guidelines for appropriate behaviors; sanctions exist for deviating. Rules and Sanctions can range from very
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CULTURE CONCEPTS-METHODS - Culture Concepts-Methods, F09...

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