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CHECKLIST TO APPLY TO GRADUATE SCHOOL Check the deadlines to apply for your particular degree program Complete and submit the Graduate School application (university and/department) Submit a departmental supplemental application if required. Create your statement of purpose (letter of intent). Distribute and get feedback. Pay the application fee. • Request the Registrar of each university you have attended to send an official trans cript to the Office of Graduate Admissions. • Request the requisite number of letters of recommendation be submitted to the Graduate Admissions office. Approach professors early and bring 1) a draft of your statement of intent
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Unformatted text preview: and 2) information on the classes you took (class name, semester, grade, topic of major assignment). Find out whether they are to be sent directly (then provide envelopes) or collected and sent as a bundle. Ask for a generic letter early if you plan to take a break from school. • Submit a writing sample if required by your degree program of interest. • Request that official GRE /GMAT scores be sent to the University. In the interim, you are encouraged to submit an unofficial copy of your test scores. • If applicable, submit an Application for financial aid , a teaching or research assistantship....
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