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DUTIES OF PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE SPEAKERS (Comm. 40 class) Prime Minister Constructive (PM) (Affirmative case) 5 minutes Salutation State resolution/proposition: “This House is arguing….” Define terms State your teams’ position/thesis: “The Government believes…. .” Introduce and build your case: develop need or problem (Use researched evidence to support your claims! Include all harms/ills, include inherency. Talk about significance in terms of qualitative and quantitative evidence. Conclusion: summarize main points, restate Gov.’s position, ask for ballot. (Remember to ask at least 2 Points of Information) Leader of Opposition Constructive (LO) (Negative Case) 6 minutes Salutation State resolution/proposition Accept or reject definition/s of PM’s terms State your team’s position/thesis: “The Opposition believes….” Refute/attack the PM’s argument point by point, attack his/her evidence and reasoning. Introduce and build your own offcase.
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Comm._40_Duties_of_Debaters - DUTIES OF PARLIAMENTARY...

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