Actors as Observers

Actors as Observers - 1. Body Language 2. Facial...

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Actors as Observers TA 5- Acting How do actors build characters?  Where do they get their ideas? Actors are great observers of human behavior.  They continually build vital aspects of their artistic  instrument through stockpiling the details of all that they perceive.  Your task today is to begin that  journey by observing a person without them knowing it and jot down notes. What did you notice about:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Body Language 2. Facial Expressions 3. Voice 4. Mannerisms 5. Communication with others 6. Moods and emotions Describe in detail the difference between what s/he is communicating with his/her body and what s/ he is communicating with his/her words. Remember: Be specific, looks for visual clues that give insight. Please type your response in 12 pt. font, in one or two pages....
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