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-_r Managerial Accounting Practice Exam 3 Chapters 7r8r9 1 . Orgar'ization-sustaining actiVities are carried out regardless of how many units are made, how rnany batches are run, or how many different products are made. T(ge) False 2. Would factory security and assembly activities be best classified at an appliance manufacturing plant as unit- level, batch-level. product-level. or organization-sustaining? Seourity Assembly A. B. o D. Produot Unit Batch Batoh Organization Unit Organization Product 3. Parts administration is an example of a: A. Unit-level activity. B. Batch-level activity. fO Product-level activity. D . Or ganization-sustainin g. 4. Leaper Corporation uses an activity-based costing system Activity Cost Pool Total Activirv Falrrioation .10,000 machine-hours , Order processine 200 orders B fYher Nlot en-licahle with the following three activity cost pools: The Other activity cost pool is used to accumulate costs of idle capacity and organization-sustaining costs. The company has provided the following data concerning its costs: \I'ases and salaries. .... . S360.000 Depreoiation .. I 40.000 Oocupanoy. .... 160.000 Total .............. @*040 The distribution of resource consumption across activity cost pools is given below: Ao-!ivr(yCqst Pools Chder Fabrication Processing ., Other Total \\rapes and salaries. ...... 35qi, \ 409o 25o,o 1009i, Deplcciation. . 59o \, 55qo ,l +0qt 100o:ir Occupancl'. .... 30'lo '..,45c; 25qi' 1009o The eplil11y4!a&r the Order Proceiiing_activity cost pool is closest to: A. $1,485 per order L $1,540 per order (-) $1,465 per order D. $ 1.320 per order \p \ \ \1'1u |j .,, \ \ .. r'r,e-),f)i ti.iri )it ' r \ j ' j rt,) \\ r sil X t: r",rr -- t:\ l/' -\14. *\. )JJ C., 1 \.) ''.-J'). r\ ',r i!. 1.: \r \ , .r.', \i ,.\ I
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-_r Pn*nee 4** 3 Tomasini Corporation has provided the following data from its activity-based costing accounting system: Supervisorll $'ages $660"000 Factory supplies $280,000 Distribution of Resource Consumption across Activity Cost Pools: Batoh 'Lrnit Prooessing Processin-q Other Total Supervisorv \\'ages
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PracticeExam3Bus21Sp09Buck.pdf - -_r Managerial Accounting...

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