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FINAL EXAM LECTURE GUIDE - population density settlement...

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FINAL EXAM LECTURE GUIDE 1. Discuss some of the sociocultural and political problems that are associated with the question: Who discovered America? 2. Which countries claim to have discovered America? What are their claims and what is the scientific evidence for those claims? 3. Discuss the Bering Strait hypothesis. When did people cross the Bering Straits? Where did they come from and where were they going? 4. What is the scientific evidence for the Bering Strait hypothesis? 5. Who is Kennewick Man and who, in your opinion, should have access to him? 6. Define NAGPRA and discuss some of its social, political, scientific and religious implications. 7. What are subsistence patterns and why are they important to archaeologists? 8. Compare and contrast five different subsistence patterns in terms of the following: technology,
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Unformatted text preview: population density, settlement patterns, economic characteristics, and political organization. 9. Who was Ice Man and what does he have in common with Kennewick Man? 10. What kinds of material culture would you expect to find among hunter-gatherers? farmers? 11. Discuss the Ice Man's subsistence pattern(s). What was the evidence? 12. Describe Cahokia. What is it? Where is it? Why is it important? 13. Discuss the rise and fall of Cahokia in relation to changing subsistence patterns. 14. Discuss three reasons why Cahokia was thought to be built by anyone but Native Americans. 15. Why, in your opinion, does the legacy of misinformation (or lack of information) about Cahokia continue?...
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