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San José State University College of Humanities/Department of Linguistics Ling 21, Language and Thinking, Section 4, spring 2010 Instructor: Aviva Shimelman Office Location: Clark 406P Email: [email protected] do NOT email through Blackboard Office Hours: Tues. 10:30-11:30 and by appointment Class Days/Time: Tues. and Thurs. 9:00-10:15 Classroom: BBC 227 Prerequisites: English 1A (recommended) Faculty Web Page and Other Links Instructor website: Blackboard site: Course wiki: Textbook companion site: Materials such as the syllabus and lecture slides can be found on my faculty web page and on Blackboard. I frequently send emails via Blackboard and MySJSU. Have your email from these systems forwarded to an account you check daily. Course Description (Catalog) This course explores systems of language and logic in oral and written discourse, with a focus on the role of shared cultural assumptions, language style and the media of presentation in shaping the form and content of argumentation. This course fulfills the University’s Core GE category A3 requirement (Basic Skills: Critical Thinking). Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives This course explores some fundamental notions of logic and the application of these notions in the analysis of contemporary discourse. We cover deductive and inductive reasoning, logical fallacies (relevance and insufficient evidence), set theory and categorical logic and hypothetical/ scientific reasoning. We look at mass media and political advertising; throughout, we reflect on the interplay of culture and language.
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Required Texts/Readings Textbook Hurley, Patrick J., Language and Logic (Cenage custom textbook) Other Readings Other supplementary readings are available via the course Blackboard site or can be found on various websites including The Museum of the Moving Image ( and the Stanford Political Communication Lab ( Other equipment / material requirements You will need internet access. Classroom Protocol Students will turn off their cell phones and other electronic devices while in class. Students will close email, social networking, and gaming applications. Students who use their phones, pagers or other electronic devices or who use their computers to check email, chat, facebook, game or for any purpose not directly related to the class will be asked to leave the classroom (1st offense) or referred to the Judicial Affairs Officer of the University (2nd offense). Eating and drinking (except water) are prohibited in the Boccardo Business Center. Students with food will be asked to leave the building. Students who disrupt the course by eating and do not leave the building will be referred to the Judicial Affairs Officer of the University. Dropping and Adding
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Syllabus s2010 - San Jos State University College of...

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