nature of human beings

nature of human beings - The Nature of Human Beings Ramona...

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Unformatted text preview: The Nature of Human Beings Ramona! Thinking . Creative Soiutions True Self Good. Loving Cooperative Curious Lovable Enthusiastic Creative Proud Inteiligem Responsible Powerful Patterned Behavior Survival Irrational Thinking Hurts Mistreatments (Loss, Pain, Feara Embarrassment) Remember everyflling: See Hear Taste Touch Smeli Trigger— Reminded 0f the original Hurt Mind does not know the difference between the original hurt and what. is happening in present time Natural Healing Mechanisms Yawing Trembling Raging Laughing Talking Crying {Sweating J Adapted by Blanca Tavera, MSW, from C0«Counse£fing: The Theory and Practice ofRe—evaiuation Counseiling by Katie Kauffmau and Caroline New Nature of Human Beings Key Concepts We are born good, inteliigent and zestful. As we get hurt, we take in our environment (what we see, hear, taste, smell, touch) and this experience conditions our behavior later without even knowing it. These sensations become “hot buttons” for us. This concept is called restimulation. We are so smart that we learn to cope with these hurts through patterned behavior (defense mechanisms). Feeiings are temporary and are not always a reflection of our true seives. It is very important to separate the behavior from the person. You can either continue patterned behavior or change through healing. Using healing mechanisms allows us to see things more clearly and come up with our own creative Solutions. Understanding and using the model: 0 it is the foundation to working with others, especialiy across differences, 0 Helps you to listen openly, without judgments, and with your heart - 0 Makes you see things in a different tightwa paradigm shift 0 Helps us recognize that we all must do the personal work, as it provides the foundation for working with others. - ...
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nature of human beings - The Nature of Human Beings Ramona...

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