Carlson - Allen Carlson "Aesthetic Experience of the...

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Allen Carlson “Aesthetic Experience of the Natural Environment” [originally published 1997] Carlson’s main book George Santayana: Spanish and American aesthetician 1. Santayana (1894): the natural landscape is an indeterminate object, allows great liberty in selecting elements, to be seen it must be composed, “promiscuous natural landscape” 2. Carlson: problem is what and how to select 2.1. no parallel problem in appreciation of art: know what and how to appreciate: e.g. we know to appreciate a painting’s delicacy and not where it hangs, and we know to look at a painting 3. we know which parts of aesthetically relevant because we have made them for aesthetic appreciation 3.1. demand different acts of “aspection” [invented word: noticing aspects of things] 4. nature is not art: it is our whole natural environment, our natural world [circular definition?] 5. Object Art Model (OAM): we appreciate the actual physical object: its aesthetically relevant features: sensuous and design qualities and abstract expressive qualities 5.1. we can aesthetically appreciate objects of nature, rocks, driftwood, in accord with this: actually or imaginatively remove it from its surroundings and dwell on its
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Carlson - Allen Carlson "Aesthetic Experience of the...

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