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School of Social Work ScWk 242 Spring 2008 Lab #2: Dependent t test (AKA Paired Samples t test) Research Scenario You work in a Vocational Training Program for adults with Developmental Disabilities. The program has received a grant from the State to implement a new training program. The primary goal of the training program is to improve clients’ work skills so that they can move from a sheltered work environment to a job in a community setting. A requirement of the grant is to submit a 6-month progress report that assesses the effectiveness of the intervention in improving client’s work skills. The first 40 clients who qualify for services through the grant are enrolled in the training program. In order to measure client’s work skills, a staff member will ask the client to complete a series of tasks that are common in many community job settings that employ adults with Developmental Disabilities (e.g. bagging groceries, washing dishes, etc…). Each task will receive a score and these scores will be summed to generate an overall assessment of client work skills. The scores can range from 0 (very poor work skills) to 40 (excellent work skills). Each client is assessed before and after the intervention. 1
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Lab_x2a_Dependent_t_test_Spring_2008_SW_242 - 1 San Jose...

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