Study Notes for Midterm 2 Infosys Technologies

Study Notes for Midterm 2 Infosys Technologies - Has ICI...

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1) 2 different approaches to leveraging global delivery of IT with the co’s of this industry. Is it the same service ? Are they functional or business level strategies? a) Onshore business was leveraging off shore for development and implementation aspects of the value chain. While offshore companies were offering high end consulting services. 2) What are the Categories of Innovation that ICI uses a) They focus on repeat customers = strategy pp. 176 3) What is a disruptive change?
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Unformatted text preview: Has ICI created one? a) 4) Industry Life Cycle, where is ICI at in this? Compared to Competition? Is Infosys a High-tech company? Is IT consulting a high-tech industry? a) 5) What are the product offerings of ICI? Why are they considered separate? How do they differ from competition? a) Pp. 176 – package implementation, R&D, Infrastructure Management, System integration, testing as a service, and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)...
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