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Study Guide Exam 1 Cross-Cultural Psychology Define culture Be able to answer questions about Segall et al. reading. Why study cross-cultural psychology Etics Emics Imposed etics Derived etics Subjective culture Indigenous Psychology Wundt’s Volkerpsychologie Guidelines for doing Cross-Cultural Psychology List and describe methodological issues related to cross-cultural research, including: Sample Equivalence Multi-methods Response style/acquiescent response bias Researcher bias Culture level vs. individual level Functional Equivalence Conceptual Equivalence Metric/Measurement Equivalence Translation Equivalence What are culture values? The Hofstede project Ecological fallacy Reverse ecological fallacy Hofstede’s culture values: individualism-collectivism power distance masculinity-femininity uncertainty avoidance Schwartz’s culture values: Mastery vs. Harmony Hierarchy vs. Egalitarianism
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Unformatted text preview: What are human values? Power Achievement Hedonism Stimulation Self-direction Universalism Benevolence Tradition Security Conformity Why do we have values? What is the relationship between values and behaviors? How do we use values in cross-cultural research? Are culture level scores the same as individual level scores? How did Schwartz examine values? Chinese Culture Connection: Confucian Work Dynamism (or Long Term Orientation) Be able to answer questions about Triandis reading. Cultural Syndromes Horizontal-Vertical Individualism/Collectivism Nations Nations as cultures Nation-level indicators and beliefs Ecocultural framework Thermal climate and national differences in wealth Life satisfaction across nations Normative vs. relational ind-col Disappearance of cultural differences? Other topics that are not here, but covered in readings or class are also open for examination....
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Study_Guide_Exam_1 - What are human values? Power...

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