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Sports and Adolescent Development Bowker, A., Gabdois, S., & Cornock, B. (2003). Sports participation and self-esteem: Variations as a function of gender and gender role orientation. Sex-Roles, 49 (1-2) , 47-58. {emotion domain} Daley, A., & Ryan, J. (2000). Academic performance and participation in physical activity by secondary school adolescents. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 91 , 531-534 {cognitive domain} Dodge, T., & Jaccard, J. (2002). Participation in athletics and female sexual risk behavior: The evaluation of four causal structures. Journal of Adolescent Research, 17 , 42-67. {physical domain} Field, T., Diego, M., & Sanders, C. (2001). Exercise is positively related to adolescents’ relationships and academics. Adolescence, 36, 105-110. {social and cognitive domains} Furnham, A., Badman, N., & Sueade, I. (2002). Body image dissatisfaction: Gender differences in eating attitudes, self esteem, and reasons for exercise. The Journal of Psychology, 136 (6), 581-596. {physical and emotion domains}
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