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Timeline.Imperial China

Timeline.Imperial China - A TIMELINE OF IMPERIAL...

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A TIMELINE OF IMPERIAL ZHONGGUO (CHINA) Date Ruling entity Emperor Events Other people/events 255 BC QIN Dynasty (CH’IN in Wade-Giles Romanization) Warring States Period 246 BC Qin Shi Huangde 221 BC Start of construction of the Great Wall Creation of China (from Ch’in) 210 BC Burial of the Terracotta Army 209 BC Qin Er Shi 207 BC Ziying 206 BC Chu-Han Struggle for Power 205 BC Battle of Jingxing 202 BC HAN Dynasty (Western Han) Han Gao Zu 195 BC 6 CE Ruzi 9 Xin Dynasty Wang Mang 23 HAN Dynasty (Eastern Han) Gengshi 25 88 He 105 Cai Lun invents paper 106 Shang 168 Ling 184 Yellow Turban Rebellion 189 King of Hongnong Xian 191 Battle of Jieqiao
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200 Battle of Guandu 208 Battle of Changban Battle of Red Cliffs 220 THREE KINGDOMS 222 Cao Pi (Wei) Liu Bei (Shu) Sun Quan (Wu) Battle of Yiling 225 Zhuge Liang's Southern Campaign 230 234 Battle of Wuzhang Plain 250 Introduction of Buddhism in China 252 265 JIN Dynasty Wu 274 290 Hui 291 War of the Eight Princes 304 Sixteen Kingdoms (Han Zhao, Later Zhao, Cheng Han, Former Liang, Later Liang, Northern
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