History 99 - HIST 99 DON Spring 2010 DMH 316 DMH 347...

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HIST 99 DON Spring 2010 DMH 316 DMH 347 924-5526 MW 10:30-11:45 MW 9:30-10:30 [email protected] History Fundamentals History Fundamentals is a course designed for sophomores and transferring juniors who are in the first semester of coursework in the History Department. The course is the first course in the sequence of the “Core” in the History Department. It is a prerequisite to History 100W (History Writers’ Workshop), which in turn is a prerequisite to History 102 (Historiography). The course will train you in introductory skills in history research and writing, as well as other skills of understanding historiography, reading history writing, providing appropriate citation, and using proper technique. The goals for the course follow: Basic analytical composition and essay fundamentals with history materials Simple library skills in history. Technical skills and simple citation. Critical reading of secondary sources and simple primary sources. Simple historiographical debate The course has three major assignments that will incorporate all of these goals. The first is interpreting and analyzing a primary source. The second is analyzing the debate in two secondary journal articles. The third is an interpretative and analytical essay, using primary sources
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from a selected source book. In addition, you will be expected to pass a technical examination. During the semester you take this class, you will be provided with a list of times for taking the Writing Skills Test (WST) and should sign up for a test session. Since you are taking a class which teaches the skills examined in the WST, we assume that you will pass without difficulty. Your professor will ask for some verification that you have signed up for a WST session. When you have completed this class and passed the WST, you will be eligible to sign up for History 100W. History 100W is advanced research, reading, and writing in the history genres. If you wish to challenge History 99, there is one prerequisite and
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History 99 - HIST 99 DON Spring 2010 DMH 316 DMH 347...

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