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NuFS 139, section 5 Laurie Steinberg, MS, RD Fall 2009 Debate Paper Topic Ideas Here are some pre-approved topics. If you have an idea for a topic not listed here, be sure to discuss it with me to get approval. Remember that this paper is to be a debate format. Try to make a yes/no question out of your topic to make sure it fits the format for the paper. Obesity crisis: lack of personal responsibility/parental responsibility vs. effect of toxic environment, marketing issues Foreign aid to developing nations Minimum wage laws Minimum marriageable age laws Economic incentives to lower fertility rates Government’s role in family planning (for example, limits on family size) Government subsidization of family planning services Family planning: abstinence only Agricultural Subsidies
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Unformatted text preview: Sugar Quotas Food-for-work programs Gender issues: pick topic/country-policies to fix: do they exist, are they appropriate? Should prostitution be legalized? Should HIV+ mothers breast feed their babies? Animal research Aquaculture Fair trade products Are organic foods better nutritionally? Mercury in fish Fertilizer use and the environment vs. world food problem The Green Revolution and the environment Global warming (Narrow the topic) Genetically modified foods (if you want to narrow this topic, could discuss one food, or the level of use/acceptance in the current food supply) Genetically modified crops and the environment Genetically modified crops and herbicide/pesticide use Ethanol from corn, other biofuels Soft drink tax...
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