Chem100wS10abs - 3 Final concluding sentence that may discuss future research in the field 4 Copies of first page for all eight research

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Chem 100W Spring 2010 Dr. Brooke Lustig Assignment: Abstract Write only during class a one paragraph abstract of a selected research article and do not copy or paraphrase (both can be considered plagiarism) the research article abstract or other text. No floppy, CD, DVD, flash drives, other storage devices or computer files are to be used in class without instructor permission. You may use only the PC word processor tools (e.g. Word spelling or Word grammar), where online dictionaries or other sites are not allowed. And you may use notes only if they are turned in with your assignment (you are always responsible for fasteners). Remember notes are not items you transcribe for the actual assignment. You should include: 1. Introductory sentence. 2. Sentences summarizing key points in the research article.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Final concluding sentence that may discuss future research in the field. 4. Copies of first page for all eight research articles (remember these are in addition to the original complete eight research articles you need to bring to this in-class writing assignment). These first page copies are first put in complete alphabetical order of the first authors' last names and then labeled in pen I thru VIII , respectively. Then circle the roman numeral (e.g. VIII) labeling the individual first page copy from the article chosen at the beginning of class for the Abstract writing assignment. 5. Two copies of Title Slide for Oral Presentation (include title of your talk, your name and affiliation, date and reference listing of your key paper that itself includes reference title)....
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