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HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF READING " Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested. " -- Francis Bacon Students need to read efficiently so they can get through all the material they're asked to deal with. It isn't really a matter of reading fast, but of focussing selectively, then understanding and remembering what you've read. Here are some tips on reading different kinds of material in appropriate ways. (See also our Advice files A System for Dealing with New Words while Reading and Taking Notes from Research Reading .) Textbooks Textbooks can repay intensive reading, usually in some parts more than others. Note the signals from your professor or TA about what sections are most relevant, and know how each section contributes to the course, especially to the key concepts, issues, and questions in the course. Even before reading, become aware of the structure of the text. Look at the chapter titles, headings and subheadings first: they name the concepts (or large ideas) in the course and indicate ways of thinking about them. You can often gain focus, too, by skimming through the whole thing first, noting what aspects of the subject seem to get space and attention. Then read through the text with care, noticing especially definitions and examples of the important concepts. Look also for accounts of disagreement and for references to current questions and issues in the discipline. Mark up only key passages in the text; don't rely on only underlining or highlighting. Use marginal symbols to show different kinds of points (e.g., asterisks for definitions, arrows for examples). Write
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get-the-most-from-reading - HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF...

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