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Writing Assignment 5: Services and Cities (optional in 2010, replaces lowest paper grade) Due during final. No late papers accepted. Services and Cities : In two pages, discuss a related set of services that require increasing numbers of people to support them. Discuss their market areas in terms of threshold population and range. What community size is too small for this service? Shat stores survive despite this by serving surrounding towns or cities? What parts of the city are stores located, and why? How would these services affect the selection of a future residences? How do services affect migration and city growth? Does the distribution of these stores follow a central place theory
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Unformatted text preview: pattern? Why or why not? You must have a good introduction, a good conclusion, and good grammar. Examples of related sets of services : Education: elementary, secondary, community college and university Self service store, supermarket, food superstore (Food 4 Less, Cosco) Furniture: second hand store/antiques store, furniture store, furniture superstore (e.g. IKEA) Cars: gas station, full service repair shop, large auto dealership. Electronics: Radio Shack, general electronics store, Best Buy, Fry’s Clothing: someplace that sells socks or other clothing, dress or suit shop, clothing superstore...
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