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Project 6: Bubble Sort and Binary Search Problems (due Monday, Apr. 26) 1. Bubble Sort Problem Add a variable to the BubbleSort procedure in Section 9.5.1 (of your textbook) that is set to 1 whenever a pair of values is exchanged within the inner loop. Use this variable to make an early exit from the sort procedure if you discover that no exchanges took place during a complete pass through the array. (This variable
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Unformatted text preview: is commonly known as the exchange flag .) Display a message indicating “early exit” whenever it occurs. Show two examples: One with an early exit and one that completes the n-1 passes. 2. Binary Search Problem Rewrite the BinarySearch procedure in Section 9.5.2 by using registers instead of variables for mid, first and last. Add good comments to indicate the register usage....
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