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Introductory Presentation - Introductory Presentation NuFS...

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Unformatted text preview: Introductory Presentation NuFS 144, section 1 Summer 2010 Due Date: 6/15/2010 Please submit your presentation to D2L prior to class. All presentations will be given in class on 6/15/10. The purpose of this assignment is to break the ice. In this class, course material is enriched with student participation and interaction. Each student, using the self-evaluation questions below, will present a personal food culture autobiography, using visuals such as family photos, maps, food photos, etc. The presentation will allow the instructor and other students to get to know each other in a way that otherwise might happen only over the course of the whole semester. This will also allow students to be looked to as experts on questions about their particular food culture. Data Collection Begin the process of self-evaluation by answering the following questions. Time is limited, so you will only be able to address some of the topics. Everyone must include background information to begin the talk, then you should address other topics that seem interesting or reveal...
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Introductory Presentation - Introductory Presentation NuFS...

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